About Us

Heaven's Finest Candle Company is a family owned business located in Fayetteville, NC.  Each one of our candles and melts are hand poured, not produced on an assembly line. Our products are highly scented to ensure that you receive only the best! 

We are also veteran owned!

 Opportunity Identification/Concept Development: 

Heavens Finest Candles makes candles and melts by pouring each one by hand. The business is located in Fayettevillle, NC and is a family owned business by the Sellers family, Leticia Sellers and her daughter Hannah.

 Competitor Analysis: 

The market is crowded place when it comes to scented candles and wax melts. What distinguishes Heavens Finest Candles is that each candle is hand poured by one of the owners and not manufactured in a huge facility by machines. This provides a huge edge over competitors such as Yankee and Gold Canyon. Hand pouring allows us to adjust in the manufacturing process to ensure each product is scented to its optimal level. This is important as weather, climate, wax, scent as well as other factors play a huge role in how well a candle or melt with throw its scent. This serves as a guarantee that not mass manufactured candle can compete with the hand poured process!

 Marketing and Sales Management: 

Heavens Finest Candles ships to all 50 states using USPS. This ensures that anyone with internet access has full access to the entire product line. If you are looking for a scented candle or melt there is no other that can compete with our product and the way it is made, by hand! Locally we visit fairs and other events.

Service or Product Line: 

The products are marketed via Amazon, Company Website, and other shopping sites. Locally we visit fairs and are in stores in Fayetteville. The prices are on all the products and are consistently priced in all markets.